Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Touring Santa Ponsa….

On Friday morning we woke up to a beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea…its just breath taking and so amazing. I don’t think its possible to wake up mad…or to start your morning off bad because we wake up and walk out of our room to the kitchen to see our beautiful view.

 After Megan (one of my great roommates) and I finished unpacking we made some quesadillas and made our way to the church, which is about ¼ of a mile away. We were meeting up with some other people from our school to go on a tour of the city. Santa Ponsa is the city in Mallorca that we live in…and its beautiful! It’s about a 20-minute drive from the main city of Palma de Mallorca. It’s so weird to see the speed limit signs in km instead of mi… on the way home from the airport I looked at the speedometer and it said we were going 100 and I was a little taken back as to why our Church History teacher was driving so recklessly…and why it felt like we were only taking a nice stroll through the city streets…and then I realized the speedometer is in km not mi ha. We walked around the city and were so entertained by the culture and scenery. We walked about 4 miles that day. We went by the post office, hospital, a few markets, lots of little stores, a couple of beaches, coffee shops with free wifi, and the main bus stop into Palma. Our final destination was this huge cross on the top of this cliff. It was incredible! We went cliff jumping off of the 40 ft platform.... and YES I did it! It was scary but was the coolest feeling ever, so glad I did it. We all got gelato and enjoyed the sun as we made our way back to our flat.

That night megan and I decided to go out to dinner at a near by restaurant. Everyone here eats dinner at 10 pm! So odd for us but we decided to try it out, and it wasn't that bad! The sun doesn't set here until 9 o'clock so it is beginning to feel normal to eat this late ha...uh oh! Its ok though because we literally walk EVERYWHERE here...prob 2 miles a day collectively, most days more! So we can afford to eat late at night... I hope! In spain you have to pay for water...which sucks when your on a starving college student budget! Megan is teaching me great things though, notice in the pictures Megan brought her HUGE  water bottle to dinner (which she paid .93 euros at the market) and I bought my little sip-sized bottle (1.50 euros at the restaurant) haha oh so many life lessons Im learning;) best part was the waiter ended up bringing megan a cup haha, and then winked at her:) Great start to a wonderful adventure! 

Click here to view the pictures!

To see the video of me cliff jumping click here! Im the third one to jump:)

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