Monday, September 20, 2010

I promise Im studying!

Megan and I decided it would be good to post some pictures of us actually doing homework... so here ya go! We realized that she doesn't need to make her own blog because were always together so its like both of our blogs...haha.

Studying for Church History....
Megan sitting in "her chair" reading :)

God is doing amazing things here. He's growing and stretching me in ways I didnt expect...which is a good thing but also a little uncomfortable and challenging. I absolutely love my roommates! Today we had our first "flat meeting"... I made this delicious egg scramble with feta cheese, tomatoes, pesto, avocado, and spinach... it was DELICIOUS! We also had a bible study together and it was so neat to see how God put us all in the same room. We were able to encourage one another in different areas and pray for one another. God is SO good! Everyone helps everyone out with laundry and dishes... I seriously don't foresee a fight ever happening! Im loving it out here! We leave in like 10 days for Greece so keep us in your prayers! Cant wait to visit the places where the Apostle Paul actually taught and lived will be great! Pictures to follow!

Our roommates :) Marlene, Kat, me, Meg, and Kira

To see more pictures of the school click here

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