Tuesday, September 7, 2010

¡Ruffin it in Espana!

So where to start… I guess a good place is the beginning!

My trip to Spain began at 4:30 AM Wednesday… a drive to LAX, air port security, a few rude flight attendants, a flight to Philly and then to Madrid got me stuck in the airport in Madrid for 4 hours!… our flight from Philly left 30 min late because there were technical difficulties, which meant we had 30 minutes to get to our next gate...but we didn't have our next boarding pass because we had to take a spanish airline...so we had to run around the airport (like home alone ha) and figure out our gate, then somehow get it printed and on the plane in 30...obviously that didn't happen! 

We tried to communicate with the people there to figure out how to get our flight changed, how to get a hold of the people that were picking us up in mallorca, and how to let our parents know what was going on... but believe it or not ....NO ONE SPEAKS ENGLISH! We eventually got it figured out and got on the plane to Mallorca.... the flight into the island was BEAUTIFUL! I sat in between these two 12 year old kids, one boy and one girl. They were little blonde spanish/dutch kids who spoke a little english... they spoke better english than I did spanish! They taught me some new words and we laughed and joked about how bad my spanish was ha... it was great. Getting our luggage and then going through customs was also interesting.... but boring so I wont bore you with details...on to the fun stuff...

We met one of our teachers at the airport, his name is Serg and hes from the Netherlands... super funny guy! We packed our luggage into his little spanish car and drove to Santa Ponsa. The town is so cute and beautiful! When we pulled up to our building I thought we were just waiting for someone... I did not think we would be staying in flats RIGHT ON THE WATER! The building is called Caesar's and its such a blessing to be able to live here!!

I have had problems uploading my pictures to my blog so Ive attached a link to my mobileme gallery. The title of the gallery that goes with this blog is, Arriving in Spain/ Our humble abode. More to come!!

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