Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Palma de Mallorca

This weekend we have been we all took the bus into Palma to see the famous Cathedral and do a little shopping around the stores. There were a ton of homeless people begging outside of the cathedral, but there were also a few mimes and "theatrical actors" that would perform and try to take pictures with you…with hopes that we would give them a few euros….and sure enough we did ha.

The shops are amazing here…they have SO many perfume and cosmetic shops its crazy, and they carry nice stuff too. There are these Ethiopian guys that walk around the shops of downtown Palma with these huge white sheets full of knock off watches, purses etc…so of course I thought it would be fun bargain a little bitJ Originally the guy tried to sell me a knock off Louis Vuitton bag for 90 euro… naturally I talked him down to 30 ;) haha…at the end when he offered 35 and I said no 30 he responded with, “Ladyyyy!?” haha it was funny. I guess the Policia here “frown upon” bargain shopping, so when they drive through the shopping square on their mopeds all the “bag boys” quickly pick up their sheets and run! Ha, so I had to hide my bag until we got back on the bus haha.

We then shopped around a bit and just took in all the beautiful Spanish architectureJ we found this really good coffee/pastry shop that we call “Red Chairs” because the original name was too long and tricky ha… but the whole day I walked around with my new friends who spoke really good Spanish with hopes of advancing my Spanish. Alex, who has lived in Mallorca for 5 years, Daniel who is from San Clemente and speaks really good Spanish, and then David who is a local and speaks like no English and is determined to get me fluent in Spanish by the end of the semester by making me respond to all his Spanish questions IN Spanish…except I don’t know any haha, so its interesting. When we were at “Red Chairs” I practiced by telling the owner that “its delicious when you mix the espresso shots WITH the homemade vanilla ice cream”…so I think it goes like this, “Senor, cafĂ© con leche vanilla es muey fantastico” ha… but when he came to the table I was so excited and ready to actually say a sentence in Spanish that when I addressed him I apparently pointed at him and said “senor” in a really firm, deep, mad tone that he looked at me and ran away haha… to watch the end of that scene click here to see the video… pretty funny! 

On our way home we went to the supermarket to buy some groceries... as we were walking home we realized this huge street parade. I guess it was in celebration for their victory over the Muslims when they kicked them off the island of Mallorca ha. Very odd street parade though...look at the pictures of the GIANT people ha...

We finished the night off by sitting on a wall, eating our dinner (bread), watching the street parade on one side, and the sunset on the other... God is so good!

To see the pictures click here


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