Sunday, November 21, 2010

44 hours later...

Last weekend three of my girlfriends and I took a speedy trip to England for, as they would say in England "a bit of a holiday" ;) One of the girls I went with (Erica) had family in York, so we decided to visit!  Ideally we wanted to leave Friday night, fly into Manchester, and take the train (which is stationed INSIDE the Manchester Airport) to York, England. On return, we hoped to find a flight that would leave late Monday evening since we didn't have to be back for classes until Tuesday. This premeditated itinerary would have giving us a grand total of 3 full days to enjoy the countryside of England! Well unfortunately... things didn't turn out as we had hoped.

We left town Saturday at 11am, flying into Liverpool, England. Though this city may have been popular for the Beetles and their yellow submarine, it wasn't our first choice. Mainly because it's about 2 hours away from York by train (which is stationed a good 15 minute car ride from the airport). Now Mom dont freak out... but we may or may not have gotten a lift to the train station from a random man I sat next to on the plane...  I know, I know, and yes I have seen the movie Taken, but we were safe and he was harmless and very nice to drive us to Lime Street:) Luckily we booked our train tickets in advance, but for sake of saving money (shopping money;) we chose the cheapest tickets. We later found out, through Erica's Uncle, that our bargain seats might be on the roof of the train! We were relieved when we found out this wasn't going to be the case.

We had 44 hours to explore the city of York... and I think we did I pretty good job :)

At the airport:)
Meg and me:)
Jenna, Erica, Megan, and me waiting in the airport in Mallorca :)
Erica, Megan and me with Phil, our gracious friend who drove us to the train station:)
Thank you Jesus for keeping us safe!

Liverpool Train Station
Our drive through Liverpool
Coolest train station by far :)
Meg and Jenna
Train station in York, England.

Entrance to Erica's Aunt & Uncle's house
How cute is this house?!
And this is why I love York... :)
Nick, the hilarious Uncle 

The little river is called a ford and it surrounds this little town in England... how beautiful!

So amazing...

Even their road signs are cute :)
...they even have classy trash cans!

Shopping :)

The Minster :)

Love these girls :)

Of course we do the "rawwrrr" face in front of the Minster... ;)
Best friends :)

This totally wasn't posed ;)
A great way to end a great day:) 


  1. haha this is so great! i love your blog Sharrah:) so glad you all we're "taken"!

  2. Soo cool. Loved it!.... LOVE YOU!