Sunday, October 31, 2010

Extreme Hike...

So a few weekends ago we all packed up our backpacks and headed into one of the most extreme hikes we've ever been on! We hiked down crazy mountains, climbed over HUGE boulders, squeezed through tiny caves that opened up to the edge of a 30 ft mossy rock that we had to climb down, and swam through 40 degree waters with our 20 pound backpacks above our heads.... SO much fun!

Megan and I were all packed and ready to leave for the hike!

Yes thats a smooth, mossy rock we had to climb down...

So because of the large amount of rainfall they had the week before we hiked...there were some unexpected pools of 40 degree water... that we had to swim through with our backpacks above our heads. Megs and I were FREEZINGGGG. ANSWER: Body heat

The end view of the hike... BEAUTIFUL!

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