Thursday, August 26, 2010

T-minus SIX DAYS.... i mean... seis días :)

So I have never blogged before in my life so bear with me here:) I think the point of blogging is to journal my thoughts and life I'm just going to start writing and hopefully those who follow along will enjoy it! (AKA: Mom, Dad...and apparently my first blog follower, Priscilla! ha) I wanted to make this blog so that my family and friends could check in and see all of my adventures in España!

My life so far has been so great. I've been blessed with an amazing Mom and Dad and two brothers Jimmy and Scott. I've been raised in a God fearing home and I am SO grateful for that. I had the opportunity to go to Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrieta Hot Springs last year. It was an amazing time of my life where I was able to seek the Lord and learn more about who my Savior is. I met some pretty incredible people there along the way! One of which became my best friend, and is now going to be my travel buddy to España!

Life in the US has been a blessing, but now as I am leaving my teen years and about to enter my twenty something years it is time for me to experience new adventures. Thats what this trip is going to be all about, different adventures. Some big, some small; some funny, and probably some sad; definitely a lot beautiful... and hopefully not too many ugly. This venture to Spain is going to be a time alone with the Lord where I can grow spiritually, and also time in fellowship with the kids on campus and also the local spanish people. All of these adventures will be life changing and life-growing. I absolutely cannot wait! I hope whoever reads this blog will enjoy following along!!


I'm sorry to report that I've seemed to fail at my last posted adventure... my spanish hasn't improved ;-/ So I've decided to rely solely on immersing myself in the Spanish culture to learn their language the authentic way! Stay tuned to see how this adventure unfolds... ;)

What's my next adventure? Packing up my life and saying goodbye to the ones I love and care about :( This will probably be the first adventure in my 'something sad' category. (Im learning not to listen to "where are you now" by George Winston while I blog... I am getting WAY too emotional!) This adventure will be sad, I wish I could take my fam and friends on this journey with me, but it will be good to go on my own. I will be living in my own apartment with my own kitchen! I'll be shopping at the local markets for groceries and making delicious spanish meals! I will be hiking the Mediterranean mountains and jumping off the island cliffs into the crystal clear waters! (breathe mom!) Its going to be great! Pictures to follow!!!

España here I come!!

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  1. I will miss you
    Honey, I don't know what I will do without my only daughter to talk with, pray with laugh with and . . OK . . . get mani-pedi's with :-) You are Gods special gift to us and now its time to let you fly on your own wings. You have proven to be a wise, God loving, God fearing young woman and your dad and I have every confidence in the world you will soar! Please be careful, but have all the fun in the world that this experience of a lifetime will bring you! Come back to us soon sweet Sharrah! We love you, MOM