Thursday, August 26, 2010

Adios Fiesta!

Last night a few close family and friends came over to my parents house for an Adios Fiesta!
Here are a few pictures...

Bianca, Aaron, Me, Lauren.

Beautiful set up;) Thanks mom!

Graham and me :)

These beautiful ladies (Laurel and Dana) are in my bible study:)

Just another one of mom's great ideas: turn the old fountain into a sand-filled chandelier

My mom, me, and Mrs. Saber.

We had a couple of birthday girls at the party! Aunt Chris and Pam turned 34!

My best friend Priscilla... (B&T for life;)

Saying goodbye to my bible study girls :(

Randy, Birthday girl Pam, and Aunt Lynne:)

Jennevieve, Uncle Paul, and birthday girl Aunt Chris :)

Lauren, Cassie, me, and Bekah :)

Saying goodbye :(

Gathering around for prayer...

Praying with my brother Scott.

Graham, Me, Mr. Saber, Mrs. Saber :)

Thank you to everyone who was able to make it! I was so blessed to see every one of you!!

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  1. Blog looks great!! Can't wait to see all of your adventures in Spain . . . Have fun take lots of pictures:)